Solution 4 Afrika brings to your door steps an opportunity to contribute to a bigger Afrika continent agenda. In your day to day frustrations you may have encountered some issues in our continent which could have easily been solved. We are giving you the chance to address those issues and find solutions to the African problems.
We welcome any ideas or innovations which could move the Afrika continent in the right direction for development.
We believe that Afrika needs to start its first steps as a new born child towards development since there is no shortcut to development.
You can contribute your ideas to this site by joining the discussion forum. Your ideas should expose problems facing the Afrika continent and elaborate solutions in details as much as possible. No matter how benign the problem is, try to address it and find a remedy. This is what we believe by first steps. Giant leaps may not solve the Afrika issues. All critics without depth analysis and solutions will not be published.
We are not a profitable organization. Our sole aim is to share ideas and mainly solutions to solve the pandemic Afrika problems.
The website was designed based on open source technology-Joomla. Another free opportunity for Afrika…


Afrika with a K means for us that the problems of Africans should be solved by only Afrikans. This should be seen as a new rebirth of Afrika to regain its original place of birth of the human race…


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