Born of a Ghanaian father and Burkinabe mother had a great impact on my upbringing. This gave me the opportunity to travel along the coastal area of West Afrika from Ivory Coast to Nigeria. At an early stage I have realized that I am a real product of West Afrika. This made me appreciate various cultures and different mind sets among a sizeable group of people. Other excursions to other parts of Afrika made me realized that the Afrikan problems are similar in all the continent. The irony of the matter is that we do have solutions to all our problems. This website is to unveil them to the public.
I am father of three Children and married to a lovely wife.
I am a computer programmer by profession and I see myself also as a social commentator. One cannot be indifferent with the Afrikan problems, therefore, I decided to write about all issues which are relevant to change the mindset of Afrikans. I believe in a revolution to change the current mindset of Afrikans who have been polluted for some long. The Afrikans should be integrated to the bigger goal of mankind. I do not forget once upon the time that Afrika was the birth place of mankind. This was a long lost history, we should once again reshape the history of mankind by contributing our quota to the human race. We can only to that by solving first our daily problems which are hindering our progress. By doing so we can reveal to mankind solutions that will benefit the whole of the human race.
Some of my writings will tempt people to paint me as a Pan-Afrikanist, however, I would like to clarify that my goal of a better Afrika goes beyond Afrika itself. It transcends to the human race. A typical example will be the harnessing of solar energy by Afrikans can only benefit the whole world.
I believe that Afrikans have to embrace the idea of technology at the starting point of the first steps towards progress. We do not have to only use the technology but we have to produce and reshape it to benefit us and in so doing the rest of mankind. Our industrial revolution may be late, however, there is no short cut in development, and we need to initiate the process now. We have to push aside our superstitions ideas and face the current realities.

I have once again deviated from my main point. I was introducing myself to my audience. This shows you how passionate I am on the subject of better world. I am a sport fun, however, I prefer individual sport. This gives me the opportunity to clear and reflect on various issues. On top of my list I love swimming. Water gives me a sense of rebirth to the original point where everything started for us.

Join me to make this world a better place for all of us.