Economy Emancipation

This has been a topic that is resonating in the ear drum of most Africans after we have achieved our so called political independence, this will be another topic I will treat in another discourse. Every single countries in Africa has discussed this topic , try at large not to piss off the big players by aliening political and economical of their former colonial masters. It is time for these countries of Africa to wake from this economic ties with the formal colonial masters and enter the world of international trading. I do not have neither a degree nor a PHD in economic to understand the basic problem of the Africa economy. I will take a case of an equipment that looks benign in the eyes of most users to explain the deep rooted problem.

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Social event organization

Most people in Ghana have taken part at different social events. Our social setting promotes these events to its full capacities. I am talking about activities ranging from celebrating new born babies to burials ceremonies. I will be focus on the organizers of these events. The first thing organizers put in place are music and foods.  While, waste material disposals are the last topic of discussion since we can get some kids to clean up the place after the ceremony is over. I am very sure you have been to one of these ceremonies where the organizers gave you a plastic disposable plates, after you have finished your meal, the usual fried rice and chicken -or all the variants jollof rice and chicken, plain rice and chicken, Jamaican rice you can named them- with a salad squeezed in a small corner of the pack where the heat of the food would have turned it into some greenish sauce on top, do not forget the rubber band that holds the disposal forks and knife to the pack. This was a little digression let us go back to the disposable pack.  Some respected well behave African will look for a bin to dispose of the pack. After a few minutes scanning the

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Rural Electrification

Rural Electrification is one of the biggest challenges which is affecting most developing countries in Afrika. Few cities have the privileges to have electricity. However, most of the countries have the potential to power all their territories. A typical case is the DR Congo who can power the whole of Afrika if the country makes good use of her water bodies. What are the main issues? The contributing factors for this situation are diverse. I will try to elucidate the main problems of this inefficiency and propose some viable solutions for this pandemic in Afrika.

 Lack of Expertise

How many of us in our science project in college, built a dam? I am pretty sure a very handful of us. This is where the problem starts from. We have a lot of water bodies in Afrika and less experts to build dam for electrification. This is a technology that can be easily imported in Afrika. This does not require nuclear physics to

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