Social event organization

Most people in Ghana have taken part at different social events. Our social setting promotes these events to its full capacities. I am talking about activities ranging from celebrating new born babies to burials ceremonies. I will be focus on the organizers of these events. The first thing organizers put in place are music and foods.  While, waste material disposals are the last topic of discussion since we can get some kids to clean up the place after the ceremony is over. I am very sure you have been to one of these ceremonies where the organizers gave you a plastic disposable plates, after you have finished your meal, the usual fried rice and chicken -or all the variants jollof rice and chicken, plain rice and chicken, Jamaican rice you can named them- with a salad squeezed in a small corner of the pack where the heat of the food would have turned it into some greenish sauce on top, do not forget the rubber band that holds the disposal forks and knife to the pack. This was a little digression let us go back to the disposable pack.  Some respected well behave African will look for a bin to dispose of the pack. After a few minutes scanning the

whole ceremonial ground, they will be desperate and abandon it on top of a table or on another plastic chair where the occupant has just dashed to the music floor. If you are a die-hard behaved Ghanaian you will ask one of the ladies serving the food “Please where can I put the used disposable pack?”, their response should not surprise you “Please just put it somewhere we will clean it later”. The nice groom garden is the last resort for such disposable. You can then picture the place after the end of the ceremony; this is even quite a challenging job for the most experience cleaners.

Two lessons I draw for this common behavior.  Ghanaians in general like a flirty environment since we are hardworking and master of time wasting to clean up garbage after parties. To answer the first conclusion I do not think we are that dirty since the most respected Ghanaian ended up like the rest due to proper organizational structure of social event grounds. This leads to my last conclusion that the organizers of these events are the one to be blamed for such mess.  A few bins to cover the whole party ground and a simple educational speech at the beginning of the party to tell people where these facilities are, this will go a long way to solve this problem. I do remember that all these events start and close with powerful prayer ceremonies. If really cleanliness is closer to godliness as we do say then the Ghanaian society should be ranking number one in the world. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Our organizers need to wake up from such practices and prove that they are up to the task of organizing a program, not only for food or drinks but in all aspect of the event. Just provide us we simple bin to dispose of those disposable packs.

A cleaner community a healthier Africa....