Economy Emancipation

This has been a topic that is resonating in the ear drum of most Africans after we have achieved our so called political independence, this will be another topic I will treat in another discourse. Every single countries in Africa has discussed this topic , try at large not to piss off the big players by aliening political and economical of their former colonial masters. It is time for these countries of Africa to wake from this economic ties with the formal colonial masters and enter the world of international trading. I do not have neither a degree nor a PHD in economic to understand the basic problem of the Africa economy. I will take a case of an equipment that looks benign in the eyes of most users to explain the deep rooted problem.


A 3-pin power adapter

This is a device at the end of most of your electrical or electronic appliances. This goes into a power socket that matches exactly. I can understand the frustrations of most users when the travel to other country and realized that their laptop does not fit into the power socket of some countries. You then have to find an adapter to finalize the connection. To be most specific I will take the case of Ghana my beloved country which has adopted the a 3-pin power adapter and it is not a coincidence that this works well in most of the English spoken countries in Africa (At least all I have visited, you can provide me information of your country if you do not use this--- Provide the map of Africa where the 3 pin is in used). Once again it is not by mistake that Britain is the only country in Europe using it. You can conclude for yourself that all the formal British colonies in Africa are still using the same device. This is a simple market monopolization of United kingdom over his formal colonies. This gives the former a full control of the English spoken market. Some international company are now smart enough to include into their product adapters to fight this monopoly. I am not too much interested about the other international company. What is the Africans doing about this ? The answer is simple “nothing”. We are ok with the status quo created by our colonial master. Are we economically free, not all , we are depending on our formal colonial masters. We can not even adopt some intentional standard. What do I call international standard. Most countries in Europe and other part of the whole use the 2-pin. The Ghana could easily adopt from today on to change their installation to 2-pin, this will easily open other opportunities for other market. I am not to fun of import of finish goods in Africa, However in this case I must admit this will open a wider range of opportunity for exchange of goods with even our neighboring countries. A little bit of geography, Ghana is surrounded by three francophone countries. These countries have adopted the 2-pin standard from their French colonial master. This will be a beginning of a smaller integration of the countries in Africa. Bear in mind that the creation of power sockect as 2 or 3 pin is just an end product. We have the design of the power grid that is build around the same model. The change into a 2 pin will bring a sharing of knowledge with our counter part in Africa.